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Paper cuts

Watching the news tonight, two things outraged me. The first one was about a man with cerebral palsy that was fundraising for the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland when four kids ran at him, punching him in the stomach, pushing him out of his motorised buggy, robbing him of his fundraising money! To quote Lilly Savage....lower than a worms tit! News like that just makes me want to punch something. Arugh!

Second stupid thing was the suggestion that a memorial sculpture should be set up for the whale calf that got put down today in Sydney. Ahem...perhaps money would be better spent funding research?

Hmmm...anyway. Not trying to dwell on the stupidity of people. I should be happy. I got the day off from work today, even though I was a prisoner in the house (looking after dad while mum was in day treatment at hospital).

I decided to clean up my desk and filing cabinet (jeez...this journal entry is about as interesting as the sex life of a ping pong ball). Anyway.....it occurred to me that I might just have a very shameful and bizarre paper fetish. I really must not be allowed near a printer unsupervised. The amount of crap I shredded today could keep an army of guinea pigs in clean bedding for a year! Not only do I have to print out almost everything I look up on the net, I feel compelled to hoard reams of crap cut from newspapers.....magazines.....brochures......flyers....la, la, la....

Do I really need a flight itinery from 2005? How many recipies for beans can one person cook in a lifetime? Will my world stop turning if I don't have a printout of every shoe I have ever drooled over on the computer?

Oh...yesssss....heres a good one. Does anyone remember Telecom? Miss E. M. Kemp - circa 1991 - certainly does! And do I really need NatWest telling me I have no money in my account...in the UK...which I have not used for the past 6 years? Why did I feel the need to haul that useless piece of paper all the way back from the UK? Souvenir?

I think it was a really bad idea for me to get a 4 draw filing cabinet....like it was a really bad idea asking my brother if I could use his spare room for storage. Now I just get stuff out of the way so I can fill the gaps with more stuff. I can't help but think that my talents are wasted in this day and age. In the time of hunter gatherers I would have rocked it! I would have been a success and one of the most valued member of the tribe. Not living from paycheck to paycheck like an 18 year old.


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Aug. 23rd, 2008 05:09 am (UTC)
I call it pack-rat syndrome. I keep stuff because it could be useful one day. Sometimes it actually is!
Aug. 23rd, 2008 04:27 pm (UTC)
The plight of the whale was reported over here, but this was the first I heard of a proposed memorial. How ridiculous!
Aug. 24th, 2008 09:16 am (UTC)
Yes.....ridiculous. It seems to be the Australian way to misappropriate funds by erecting useless memorials.
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