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Roller Derby = aggressive Eddie :)

Oh! Oh! Oh! I went to my first roller derby tonight. It was The Black & Bluebells (bluebells being the floral emblem of the A.C.T) vs The Surly Griffins (named after Walter Burly Griffin - the american designer of the 'city' of Canberra). I cheered for the Surly Griffins as my friend knows a girl who skates for them. They won! Yay!

Tonight was sold out - probably due to the release of the movie Whip It. Chanel Cole (from Australian Idol) sang the national anthem and at half time we were treated to a troupe of swing dancers! I spent the time cramming in a ciggie outside contemplating what my derby name would be if I could actually skate. And here it is: Edwina Mountflatten *chortle* ;)
I have been in a daze the last few months.

I have taken 3 months off work. This was to look after mum as the breast cancer moved from her brain to her eyes and kidneys. Her oncologist gave her a max of 4 months...this was in August.

2 weeks after I took my leave, things got so bad we had to put her in a hospice. 7 days later she passed away.

I haven’t cried that much. I feel wretched but I have to still look after my dad and that to an extent keeps the emotions at bay. Of course he is devastated. They were together over 60 years. They really truly were soul mates.

I miss her so much. For the last year of her life I looked after all of her personal care and we grew closer than ever before. I keep on seeing things she would like, news I would like to tell her, advice I want her to give.

But I am getting better. I have asked for another 2 weeks off work. I wish I could take 2 years! lol


Bad...then good.....real good!

Sol Trujillo = sour grapes.

It really irks me when foreign egotistical arrogant greedy CEO's accuse Australians of being racist. Please remind me Sol...when was the last time we had a little tête-à-tête? Was this when you branded me a racist?

People in glass houses.....

Anyway. Work is foul. If anyone remembers The Pole...he is now my supervisor. Sometimes I think I must be repaying a huge Karmic debt.

The one good thing in my life is love and tenderness with weibchenwolf



It's colder than a witch’s tit outside. Lots of snow on the ranges...but I feel very warm inside. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends who have made it feel right to be back here. But I do feel bad. I have missed out on alot of what you have all been doing. Some long reading sessions ahead. And if you want to email and have an ether chat I would love it. pussyfoot at kittymail dot com

Anyway. Must be going bipolar. I have been drawn way too many times lately to the evil place called DFO (for those lucky enough not be in a 50 mile radius of one, the DFO stands for Discount factory Outlet...I think..lol). In this vast chamber of beige there lies an insipid den of loveliness that has a giant magnet tuned into my anorexic wallet.

Bloody buggery Alanah Hill. I hate that woman! lol. I hate her and her dreamy hats and gorgeous headbands. The glittery goodness of her costume jewelry. Oh and praise the lord her clothing is tailored on an emaciated LA starlet. My tummy saves me again!

It's so embarrassing when shop assistants greet you by name. Especially when you don't remember them. This is why I think I am possessed when I find myself behind the wheel of my car, heading towards financial ruin...again and again and again! lol. It's like my own twighlight zone hell. Maybe I am sleep shopping? It has been known to happen.

I had a friend who crossed a busy highway in his boxer shorts one winter night. Purchase a bottle of coke, a packet of smiths crisps and a strawberry doughnut and wander back home.

Anyway. I love my new red rose, black velvet and glittery sequin cocktail hat….JOY!

And yes....

I have been hiding. The last few months have been a roller coaster to say the least.

I haven't had the heart to post in here. Every time I would log onto the net I would head straight to ebay for some retail therapy...lol. Love that instant gratification :) Live Journal just seemed too hard.

But I'm back (kinda). This post is short and sweet. Just to break the seal :)

Message to Miss Sim

To Miss Sim. I know you have the comments feature turned off on your last entry but I had to give you a virtual hug.


Batchelorette pad

Have started to obsess with looking for a flat to buy. I am actually seriously thinking of becoming one of "those" people....with mortgage. I have be known to muse over this subject in the past....I have never bothered to look at property, or play around with those naff loan calculators on the net.

Although I have enough for a deposit....I really am abysmal with money and petrified of being a home owner. I am also woefully ignorant when it comes to all the ins and outs of this sort of thing.

Still.....I have a while to make up my mind, get advice and plan. I think to wait in this current financial climate may be the smartest thing to do too.

Scooby snacks.

What is it with all the cats around here? They scurry away every time I go out to the backyard for a refreshing ciggie. I have even tried luring them with goodies. There are not to many kitties on the planet who can resist Auntie Eddie with a slice of devon in one hand and a saucer of milk in the other.

There can only be one explanation. Our back garden is full of tasty wildlife treats. There is stumpy the blue tongued lizards mate, who’s torso became the unfortunate snack of one of the antisocial moggies…..what a grisly discovery that was! Then there is the menagerie of small australian marsupial mice things that live amongst the lavender bushes. Again…a rather disturbing discovery.

Thank god cats don’t hunt kangaroos, as there is a resident mob of them on the hill in front of our house. I love that we have kangaroos in our suburb. The joeys are so cute when you see their little heads poking out of the pouches. However….as you can imagine… it gets a bit hairy driving around here at night when they are roaming about. I realised with horror the other night that I scream like a man when a massive alpha male roo jumped in front of my car.

Oh the shame……lol


Paper cuts

Watching the news tonight, two things outraged me. The first one was about a man with cerebral palsy that was fundraising for the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland when four kids ran at him, punching him in the stomach, pushing him out of his motorised buggy, robbing him of his fundraising money! To quote Lilly Savage....lower than a worms tit! News like that just makes me want to punch something. Arugh!

Second stupid thing was the suggestion that a memorial sculpture should be set up for the whale calf that got put down today in Sydney. Ahem...perhaps money would be better spent funding research?

Hmmm...anyway. Not trying to dwell on the stupidity of people. I should be happy. I got the day off from work today, even though I was a prisoner in the house (looking after dad while mum was in day treatment at hospital).

I decided to clean up my desk and filing cabinet (jeez...this journal entry is about as interesting as the sex life of a ping pong ball). Anyway.....it occurred to me that I might just have a very shameful and bizarre paper fetish. I really must not be allowed near a printer unsupervised. The amount of crap I shredded today could keep an army of guinea pigs in clean bedding for a year! Not only do I have to print out almost everything I look up on the net, I feel compelled to hoard reams of crap cut from newspapers.....magazines.....brochures......flyers....la, la, la....

Do I really need a flight itinery from 2005? How many recipies for beans can one person cook in a lifetime? Will my world stop turning if I don't have a printout of every shoe I have ever drooled over on the computer?

Oh...yesssss....heres a good one. Does anyone remember Telecom? Miss E. M. Kemp - circa 1991 - certainly does! And do I really need NatWest telling me I have no money in my account...in the UK...which I have not used for the past 6 years? Why did I feel the need to haul that useless piece of paper all the way back from the UK? Souvenir?

I think it was a really bad idea for me to get a 4 draw filing cabinet....like it was a really bad idea asking my brother if I could use his spare room for storage. Now I just get stuff out of the way so I can fill the gaps with more stuff. I can't help but think that my talents are wasted in this day and age. In the time of hunter gatherers I would have rocked it! I would have been a success and one of the most valued member of the tribe. Not living from paycheck to paycheck like an 18 year old.


I am still here....or I should say I'm back. As a general statement; yes I am an appalling LJ friend. I tend to disappear when the going gets tough. I also can't bring myself to read my friends entries when I am in the depths of despair. It only makes it worse.

The last few months have been so so shitty so I have been very mindful of not using my journal as a dump. but bugger it! I will dump if I want to ;)

Once I have filled in a few more depressing aps job applications with a gazillion selection criteria, I might motivate my sorry self to post.

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